Monday, December 12, 2011


Rachel Judd is a 15 year old girl who lives here in Salt Lake. She has decided that she is wants to help the women of Ethiopia. She makes darling wraps/shawls. They are adorable and so fun to wear, people will definitely stop you on the street to ask you where you got it. Where you got it is here at KUDU. They are so great and unlike most wrap/shawls, they stay on without all the tugging and pulling!! There are some great leather ties and small beaded detail that are just the right touch. See one below. 

This is Rachel's cute mom modeling for us. 

Here is how Rachel got started. 

"Tesfaye was born when the designer and creator, Rachel Judd, first saw the touching documentary  “A Walk to Beautiful “ highlighting the lives of women struggling with obstetric fistulas. Although this condition is rarely heard of, she was inspired to do something about it. That’s when our shawl came along.
Whenever a surgery is completed at the Addis Ababa fistula hospital in Ethiopia, new clothing is provided to the women as a representation of their “new life” usually, in the form of a blanket-like shawl. So with this, Rachel combined her love of fashion with her love of people and created Tesfaye - - hope. Hope that comes with a guarantee that, with each purchase, profits will be sent directly to the hospital to pay for the surgery of one woman and the new life they can lead, thanks to you."

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