Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Em-brace--To welcome, to clasp in the arms with affection, to cherish, to love...
"Imagine not be dropped into a place where you just don't belong must belong in thin air..."
~Rev. Paul Verryn CMM Johannesburg 

These bracelets "MBraclets" are sold exclusively at KUDU. We send all of our proceeds to the talented Zimbabwean Refugee in South Africa who make them. 
These Refugees have fled Zimbabwe for their lives and are living in Rev. Paul Verryn's church. He is trying to help these people get on their feet before they are sent back to Zimbabwe to be killed. They have anywhere from 1,500-2,500 people living there at one time. They have created a school and many other community necessities. 
These bracelets are one small way we, KUDU and YOU, can help these struggling people. 
"To belong is a basic need of all humankind, to feel that you fit in and are able to believe and hope in something, perhaps your safety and that there will be a tomorrow.... "

Come see the different styles and varieties we have. These bracelets are only $12.00. Hope to see you soon.

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