Friday, February 3, 2012


These amazing works of art are sure to stand out in your home. They are all one of kinds that are signed by the potter and painter. Each one comes with it's own unique story. These pieces are collected all over the world and we were lucky enough to get some here at KUDU. These pieces come up for auction and the buyers have to bid. If you loose the item, it is irreplaceable as there are no two pieces the same. 

This incredible flower and elephant tureen.

such a fun and unique piece

This elephant and cheetah teapot is a conversation starter for sure. It really is amazing.

These pictures don't do these incredible pieces justice.

Zebra and croc dish with cacti.

Sorry this one is kind of blurry, still learning how to use the new camera.

Probably my favorite teapot. It reminds me of Mackenzie Childs, with an african twist.

This Giraffe dish has so much detail. The patience these artists must have astounds me.

The other side has an incredible flower.

My overall favorite. This zebra bread tray has all the right colors and its shape is so different. 

People who come into the store love this one!

Like I said, these are the only ones like them and there are many more pieces not pictured. Come in and I would love to show them to you. If you live outside of Utah I will gladly send you any info you would like. 

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