Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Open House

Your LAST CHANCE to Get A Christmas Gift 
That Will Actually Be Remembered
Are you like me in that you have run out of ideas for Christmas gifts? 

I am always racking my brain trying to come up with something truly 
unique to give these days.  

Usually, I just end up grabbing something at the store 
(last-minute, of course) because I can’t think of anything better. 

My wife usually appreciates the gift, but she never gets all that
 excited about it.

Until I found something that is actually worth giving.

How many times have you heard the words, “It’s the thought that
 counts,” after you have given a less-than-desirable gift? 

 I have.  Several times. 

And I was never comforted by those words until I experienced 
 what those words could possibly mean. 

Trust me, they can me a heck of a lot more than you think.  

If you find yourself struggling to find a memorable gift to give your
 spouse this Christmas and want to give something meaningful, 
something that will be remembered each Christmas thereafter,
 then give the gift that not only benefits your spouse but benefits 
others as well.  

With a gift from KUDU, you can rest assured that you are giving
 to more than just one person this holiday season.  

The thought that truly counts is the one makes the difference.  

Welcome to the wonderful world of KUDU.  We help improve the
 lives and circumstances of Africans by promoting and distributing 
their hand-made art. 

Come check us out and see.

We are having our annual Christmas Open House this Thursday 
evening from 3 - 7pm at our store located at 2155 E. 2100 S. in Salt Lake 
City, Utah.  (11/29/12)

We want you there.  

So swing by for a bit and see how many amazing Christmas gifts there are, 
ripe for the plucking.  Or just pop in and say hello.  

See you then!

KUDU : Purveyors of African Art
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PS. Oh, and if you bring a friend, then you receive 10% any one item in the store.  Thought you would like to know :) 

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